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Isn't it supposed to be Spring?!

Yesterday morning we woke up to a world of white - and it continued snowing nearly all day. Since Connor hadn't seen snow in several months - and it was a little warmer outside than it was the first time he played in it in the middle of winter in Nebraska - I thought we would head outside and h… Read more

How and Why I Edit Photos

Not very many people are aware of exactly how important editing is in the art of photography. Heck, even back before Photoshop was around, photographers were editing photos via dodging and burning in the dark room, to really make their photographs be the best they can possibly be (yes, I realize th… Read more

The Hadley's {knoxville couples photography}

During the month of February I had a little giveaway on my Facebook page for a free couple's photo session, and the Hadley's were the winners!

I worried the date we had set for the session would have wet and rainy weather - thanks to rain that morning and the whole day before -  but luckily… Read more
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