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Lukas {knoxville 9 month baby + family photography}

Oh, where to begin? This family lives 2 doors down from us, and they are our very good friends. I've had the pleasure of doing all of Lukas' milestone photos since he was born, and I just can't believe how big he is now! Before we all know it he will be up and running around and getting… Read more

James {knoxville newborn photography}

I was so excited when I was asked to do James' newborn photos. Photographing cute little squishy newborns is one of my favorite types of sessions to do! They're just so new to the world and absolutely adorable. After a newborn session, I always leave wishing my little guy was a newborn agai… Read more

The McConnell-Roberson Family {knoxville family photography + children's photography}

Fact: This family weren't even clients of mine.

I was at the gardens finishing up another session when they approached me and kindly asked if I would possibly be able to do a session with them. Apparently their photographer never showed up and wasn't answering their phone (as a fellow photo… Read more

Vintage Honey Shop Necklace Shoot {knoxville business product photography}

I've been a fan of the Vintage Honey Shop for a couple years now. I had had my eye on their super-cute nursing/teething necklaces for babies way back when I was pregnant. So months later when my little guy Connor started getting distracted during nursing sessions, I knew I had to finally get on… Read more

The Cutchens Family {knoxville 12 month baby + family photography}

This family is seriously one of the nicest and sweetest families! Their little guy was turning a whole year old - it's hard to believe he is 1 already, especially when I think back to how I celebrated with his mama at her baby shower! :)

And? Check out his gorgeous red hair and beautiful blue e… Read more

Savannah {knoxville children's photography}

Savannah is such a cutie! I had the pleasure of doing her family's Christmas photos last year, and she has grown so much since then. She is so sweet, and she was all giggles and smiles the entire session! What a precious little lady and a wonderful family. :)

Read more

The Thomas Kiddos {knoxville children's photography}

The Thomas Kiddos. 3 adorable kids that were super-cute and tons of fun to boot! (I just realized that rhymed. Yeah, that's how I roll).

I haven't photographed too many bigger kids, so it was nice for a change-of-pace to actually have some kiddos understand and listen to me when I'm beh… Read more
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