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The Passano Family {downtown knoxville family photography}

I love just urban sessions, especially ones in Downtown Knoxville! It is always so fun to go walking around and finding neat architecture and old buildings and signs to include as part of the photos. You'll never know what - or who - you'll find!

The baby's name is Oliver, so of course … Read more

The Thompson Family {Knoxville, TN Family Photography}

I couldn't have asked for a better family, location, or weather for this session! It was a beautiful - although chilly - morning, and the early sunlight streaming through the canopy of autumn leaves was just breathtaking!

And the Thompsons were a blast! Despite the really chilly morning, the… Read more

The Bannister Family {Norris, TN Fall Photo Session}

It was so great to see this family again! They are just so much fun and I find myself grinning and laughing the whole session. From hanging upside down and tickle fights, to throwing leaves and zombie faces, they are a real fun-loving family - and I love it!

We lucked out and had absolutely gorgeou… Read more

The Norwood Family {knoxville family + children photography}

I could not have asked for a more fun family! These kids were such troopers through the session, and were constantly making me laugh! Chasing each other, exploring the creek, climbing statues, throwing leaves - they did it all, haha! I loved getting some shots of them being themselves and letting t… Read more

Erin + Jared's Bonfire Party {powell TN wedding photography}

Erin + Jared decided to have a bonfire bachelor/bachelorette party - and it was amazing! They had the cutest little wine barrel banquette table - complete with marshmallow toasting supplies, a tub (literally!) of drinks, pigs-in-a-blanket, and more. Heck, they even had a real outhouse!

All the guest… Read more

The Parish Family {knoxville tn family photography}

I had a great time with this family! They were up for anything and everything to get some fun shots with their little girl. From tossing leaves in the air, to swinging her around - and tossing her in the air, to throwing strange fruit-type things into the stream (I honestly have no idea what those … Read more
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