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Newborn Isabelle {knoxville tn newborn photography}

Little Isabelle was so tiny and sweet when I saw her! (since it's been a few weeks since these photos, I'm sure she has grown! My how they grow too quickly). She has the cutest little feet and nose, and I was thrilled to no end when I caught a brief smile from her!

Thank you so much to Isa… Read more

Christmas/Winter Themed Sessions 2014 {knoxville tn christmas mini sessions}

2014 was the first year I did Christmas-themed Mini-Sessions, and they were a smash hit! I had SO much fun with all the families and kids that I saw! I really enjoyed getting to meet new people, and it was so nice to see some familiar faces in front of my camera, as well.

I built the candy-cane sta… Read more

The Metelka Family {knoxville tn family photography}

This was my last session of 2014 (I know, I know I'm late posting this! I'm playing blog catchup right now), and this session was - incredibly - the 3rd time we scheduled this! Every time we scheduled this session, the weather ended up being horrible and rainy. It's just crazy because I… Read more
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