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The Mullis Family {knoxville tn family photography}

I just love this family! They were so excited to get their photos done, and I was so excited to do them!

We lucked out with the weather. Just the weekend before it was dreary and rainy - all weekend! - and this weekend was perfect weather and just gorgeousness all around. We really couldn't hav… Read more

The Marshall Family {knoxville tn family photography}

I had so much fun with this family! They were so relaxed and chill, even though this was their first time getting family photos done. I think they did a great job, don't you?

Their little man is so adorable! I LOVE that red hair! So cute. I also love how much he loves his giraffe. He takes such … Read more

Little Kason {knoxville TN newborn photography}

Meet Kason.

How adorable is this little guy? He has the cutest little hands and feet, and those cheeks just kill me! He was so great for the session - he slept like a rock for the first half, then woke up for awhile - which worked out great, because I was able to get some cute shots of his little f… Read more

The Moore Family {powell TN family photography}

I had a wonderful time with this family - they were so sweet and relaxed. I loved it! And ohmygosh, don't even get me STARTED on the little guy. He is such a little heartbreaker - with those big cheeks and eyes, he is so cute! His favorite activity during the session was definitely trying to ea… Read more

Connor's Train-and-sort-of-Airplane-Themed 3 Year Photo Session {powell children's photography}

You like the title of this post?

It was supposed to be a train conductor themed photo session... but Connor had other ideas. And I couldn't argue, because dang it - it was so cute! So a train-and-airplane-themed photo session it became.

And that's all right with me. :)

Read more

Miss Evelyn's First Birthday {knoxville birthday + event photography}

I absolutely love photographing first birthday parties, and so I was very excited to do Evelyn's first birthday. The decorations were so sweet and cute - I adore it when things are handmade. It means they're made with love - and Evelyn's party had tons of it! From the pom-pom balls to t… Read more
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