First post! How exciting. Well, I guess I'll start off with an introduction - my name is Chelsea Magruder and I'm a graphic designer and budding photographer located in Omaha, Nebraska (well, at least for now!).

In November 2011 I was blessed to become a Mom to my amazing son. I have a degree in graphic design and had always wanted to pursue photography, and finally I had the best incentive ever - a baby  to document and preserve all those wonderful moments. All those little firsts - from his first days to his first bath, giggle, smile, and laugh.

After realizing that I enjoy photography just as much as graphic design, friends and family started asking me to photograph their own families - and a budding photographer was born.

I decided to start this blog to share and talk about my experiences with photography and design. Why not, right? I always enjoy perusing others' blogs that discuss these same things, so who knows - the stuff I share on here might interest you, too!

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