9 Month Outdoor Shoot {Baby Photography}

I was so excited when my previous clients and good friends asked me to capture their son's 9 month milestone. He is a total cutie and photographs so well!


We found a little pinecone for him to play with...

And of course, after a minute or two, it went straight for his mouth!

While he was adorable in the grass, he wasn't really all that happy about it. It probably felt pretty funny tickling his legs!

So we spread out a blanket for him and he was a little happier with that arrangement.

Once he was safe on the blanket, though, the grass suddenly became very interesting to him.

George was also a big fan of the empty frame I brought - he had alot of fun with it!

He was such a sport during the shoot.

We found a park bench nearby and sat him up with a teddy bear. He found the bear very intriguing!

Next, we hit the playground for a few photos before we called it a day.

I love this little guy! I'm really going to miss him when we move.

Happy 9 Months, George!

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