The Smith Family Christmas Shoot {knoxville family photography}

Last weekend the Smith family had me over to snap some holiday photos, along with some normal not-so-Christmas-y ones, too. They have the cutest little girl! She looked adorable in her little red festive outfits, I loved it. And yes, I totally love all things little-girl-ish, mostly because everything I'm used to is so little-boy-ish. Like monsters and dinosaurs and cars.

But back to the Smith family. We did some indoor shots with the gorgeous Christmas tree by their fireplace, and then headed outside to snap some more. They also had these fantastic green sofas that made for a great photo op!

I love this next one - the dog insisted on being in the photo! She waltzed right over and sat down and looked at the camera, too. Loved it.

As I was packing up my supplies, the little lady got found them and was fascinated! I just had to get a quick shot before I left.

 Too cute!

Many thanks to the Smith family for having me out to capture your holiday photos!

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