Lukas' 3 Month Photos {knoxville baby, family, + couples photography}

When my good friend-and-neighbor asked me to do her son's 3 month photoshoot, how could I say no? Especially when I had the privilege of doing his newborn photos, as well! I couldn't wait to get behind my camera to capture this fun stage of babyhood and to see how much he's changed in just a few short months.

Babies grow so fast during the first year that's it difficult to keep up with them! Every time you turn around they're doing something new and they look different, and capturing those quick phases through photography is a great way to keep those memories.

We started out indoors with a studio setup for the first half of the session, then headed outside for the second half. I really enjoyed splitting it up like that, as it allowed for a quite a few different backgrounds and settings to be used for more variety in the photos. Definitely a win-win in my opinion!

Once the little guy started getting tired, he passed out on a little sheepskin rug. We (very carefully!) moved him to a little basket that we then took outside for some photos. The sun was getting low in the sky and the lighting was beautiful!

While Lukas was busy catching some Z's, Lukas' parents wanted to get a few romantic photos of themselves - it was getting close to Valentine's Day, after all. So we had a little fun in the woods behind their house and their backyard...

Then the little guy woke up and it was time for a few last family photos!

Thanks for letting me take your picture, little Lukas! And don't grow up too fast, okay?

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