Kristin's Maternity Session {knoxville maternity + baby bump photography}

I had trouble getting to sleep the night before this session.

True story. You see, Kristin had asked to have her photography session in none-other-than the Smoky Mountains. And she found this amazing white dress. Oh, yeah, and she also wanted some shots of her in the water.

You guys. I was so, so, SO excited. I could just SEE the photos in my mind, and how absolutely breathtaking they were going to be. I just couldn't WAIT to get there and make that vision in my head come to life!

And oh, boy, did that vision come to life.

We ended up rescheduling the session a day earlier than planned because the weather was calling for rain, and I'm so glad we did (it ended up thunder storming all day the next day). We couldn't have asked for better weather. We arrived at the location, and the sun streaming through the leaves in the morning just took my breath away. Gorgeous!

One thing we didn't quite think about (or rather I didn't or I would've worn different shoes, haha!) was all the rocks along the bank of the stream. It definitely made moving around a lot more difficult than I was used to, but it was worth it. Those rocks add such a rustic and cool feel to the photos. Definitely worth a little inconvenience!

The water was pretty frigid - not surprising in the mountains, though. After a few gasps Kristin waltzed right in, no problem. She was so awesome and was game for anything! She waded right in, and I awkwardly tried to take photos without getting too wet. Eventually I just gave up and sat right down in that water, hah! Good thing I at least thought to bring some extra clothes - just in case.

Anyways, many thanks to Kristin and Kyle for a breathtaking session! And I can't wait to meet little Mr. Kason.

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