Morgan + Zach {engaged}

These two are such a laid-back and fun-loving couple. I had a blast working with them during their engagement session, and they were up for anything! :)

We couldn't have asked for better weather for this session in Chattanooga. Clear blue skies with just a few fluffy clouds, and one of the prettiest sunsets I have seen in a while! Thankfully we were able to capture as many beautiful sunset shots as possible, as we walked up to the pedestrian bridge as the sun slowly sank lower, to make the best of the last bit of available light. While I love photos while the sun is still in the sky, my favorite shots are always just right after the sun disappears, and the tones turn cool and moody while the last warmth of the sunset is slowly leaving the sky. That is always my absolutely favorite time for photos. Scroll down and you'll see why!

Thanks for such a fun and wonderful session, Morgan and Zach! I absolutely cannot wait to photograph your upcoming wedding!

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