The Mullis Family {knoxville tn family photography}

I just love this family! They were so excited to get their photos done, and I was so excited to do them!

We lucked out with the weather. Just the weekend before it was dreary and rainy - all weekend! - and this weekend was perfect weather and just gorgeousness all around. We really couldn't have asked for better!

The kids were troopers through the session, and loved throwing the leaves into the air! Giggles and laughter quickly ensued - from both kids and parents, as their inner-child comes out! Leaf tossing is definitely one of my favorite parts of Fall photo sessions. You really can't help but have fun!

Oh, and the little lady took some of her first steps during the session! They were actually more like second or third steps, but I'm so happy I was able to capture part of this huge milestone, nonetheless. Seeing her face light up in a huge grin as she took several wobbly steps towards her parents definitely put a huge grin on my face. So sweet. <3

Thanks so much to the Mullis family for a wonderful session! I truly enjoyed it - and I hope y'all did, too!

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