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Little Sierra {knoxville newborn photography + family photography}

Just last month I had the pleasure of doing Katie's maternity photos - and then the little lady herself arrived!

The first thing I noticed was her red hair - just like her big sister. I could tell that her sister, Arabella, was so excited that she was finally here! (and maybe just a little exci… Read more

Elli's 18 Month Session {knoxville toddler photography + family photography}

I first met this wonderful family about 6 months ago when they asked me to do their children's portraits back in July.

Man oh man, how time flies - and how kids grow so fast! It's incredible to see how much these kids have grown in 6 months. Especially little Elli - who is not quite so litt… Read more

The Patel Family {knoxville family photography + children's photography}

True story: as you'll no doubt notice, this is a session from this past Autumn. As in, I'm only about 6 months late blogging about it.

In fact, I realized that out of the dozens of Fall sessions I did this past year, I've blogged about... get ready... NONE of them.


Anyways, I will… Read more

Christianson Twins Gender Reveal Party {knoxville event photography}

I just love gender reveal parties - especially when there's TWO babies involved!

Everyone was excited, and had to choose Team Girl, Team Boy, or Team Both, and sign a scoreboard when they entered. Nobody knew the gender (even the parents!). The secret was stored away inside two cute boxes, wait… Read more
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