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Connor's 18 Month Photo Shoot {knoxville toddler photography}

It wasn't until I looked at the photos the night after doing Connor's photo shoot that I realized that they seemed to have a bit of a cowboy-ish flair to them. I blame the plaid shirt, jeans, and brown shoes that I dressed the little guy in. To me, that outfit all but screams "cowboy!&… Read more

Logan's 1 Year Photo Shoot {knoxville 1 year baby + family photography}

I always enjoy doing photography sessions in new places, and so I was thrilled when Logan's family asked to do his big 1 year photos at the University of Tennessee campus.

I found out that Logan's dad is a UT Football Alumni, hence the location. And? I absolutely love that they all had matc… Read more

The Foresters {knoxville family + baby photography}

It was just an ordinary day hanging out with my little guy and thinking about what we were going to eat for dinner once my husband got home, when I received a phone call from a friend and fellow photographer. She told me that her computer had just died and that she had a photo shoot scheduled in an… Read more
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