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The Smith Family Christmas Shoot {knoxville family photography}

Last weekend the Smith family had me over to snap some holiday photos, along with some normal not-so-Christmas-y ones, too. They have the cutest little girl! She looked adorable in her little red festive outfits, I loved it. And yes, I totally love all things little-girl-ish, mostly because everyth… Read more

The Bell Family {knoxville family photography}

I had the pleasure of doing the Bell family's Christmas photo shoot the other weekend, and we had the good luck of having absolutely amazing weather! (even at this time of year!) I think the temperature was around 70 degrees that day - for winter weather, you just can't beat it!

The Bells h… Read more

The Winbigler Family {knoxville family photography}

About a week ago I had a shoot with this fun family! Their son was a total cutie, and totally on-the-move! Every time I turned around the little guy was off - he definitely kept me on my toes!

This little car with the Christmas tree on top was their idea - I LOVE it! How cute is that?!

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