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Connor's Summer Portraits {knoxville toddler photography}

My little guy is 2.5 already. Where did the time go?! In the hustle and bustle of everyday life - and of taking photos of other people's children - I sometimes forget to set aside some time to do some portraits of my own kiddo.

In the end, I'm always glad I did. Much like my clients must fe… Read more

The Gibson Family {knoxville family photography + toddler photography}

So much can change in a year! I did the Gibsons' photos about a year ago, and their little man has grown so much since then! He is walking and running around now, and is full of so much energy - I admit it made me a little bit jealous!

His nanny - who is like a member of the family - also came,… Read more

The Moehlen Family {knoxville family + toddler photography}

I just love this family! They are such wonderful friends and fantastic neighbors - who are moving, and I will be so sad when they actually move across town! - and I always have a blast with these guys.

I've done their little son's photos since he was a newborn, and it's so amazing how f… Read more
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