Friday, November 28, 2014

The Passano Family {downtown knoxville family photography}

I love just urban sessions, especially ones in Downtown Knoxville! It is always so fun to go walking around and finding neat architecture and old buildings and signs to include as part of the photos. You'll never know what - or who - you'll find!

The baby's name is Oliver, so of course we had to get a photo by the historic Oliver hotel sign. As we were under the sign next to the hotel entrance taking photos, we noticed a face peering out at us through the glass entrance doors - and it was none other than Henry Winkler - the actor who played The Fonz in Happy Days! We should've had him jump in a few photos!

Thanks to the Passanos for such a wonderful, fun and exciting session!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Thompson Family {Knoxville, TN Family Photography}

I couldn't have asked for a better family, location, or weather for this session! It was a beautiful - although chilly - morning, and the early sunlight streaming through the canopy of autumn leaves was just breathtaking!

And the Thompsons were a blast! Despite the really chilly morning, they were excited and didn't let the cold bother them at all. Little Everly was really shy at first, but she warmed up to me and the camera just fine. It just took a little effort! Before long, she was posing and dancing for me. I loved it!

It was wonderful to photograph you all,  and I wish you the best in your new adventure in Texas!