Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Troy + Jordan {sunrise couples session}

These two were visiting Tennessee on vacation and wanted some beautiful photos to remember the mountains by. I am always hesitant (although I'm getting a little better!) to suggest sunrise sessions, but Troy himself was a photographer, so I went for it - and he was all for it, and super excited about it! I had heard how magical sunrise sessions could be, but I'd never done one - yet.

I had so much fun with Troy and Jordan that morning, and the weather was perfect. The sunrise, in particular, was spectacular! It was clear and beautiful, with some morning fog laying about the valley. Absolutely breathtaking.

After this session, I'd have to agree with the consensus - sunrise sessions are, truly, magical.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Baby Amelia {new 72 hospital newborn session}

This was my first New 72 newborn session - in the hospital, taken within the first 72 hours of baby's life. I absolutely loved every second of it!

New 72 sessions are all about documenting baby's first days of life - their little feet, the hospital wristband they wore, their first attempts at eating, snuggles in the hospital bed - all of it. Unlike traditional newborn photo sessions, in a New 72 session there is no posing of baby - it's all about real life and real moments.

Baby Amelia was just so sweet and snuggly, and I loved capturing her first moments in this world. There's just something awe-inspiring and magical about a new baby, and I loved being there to capture that for Amelia and her parents to look back on, many years from now.

Welcome to the world, Amelia.