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Claire's Cake Smash {knoxville 1 year cake smash}

I was so excited for Claire's cake smash session - although unfortunately she didn't quite share my excitement. She was unsure of everything until she got a taste of icing, then she was all for it! This kiddo LOVED the icing, haha!

She was pretty upset when she was set down in front of the … Read more

Kori + William's Engagement {knoxville engagement + wedding photography}

Kori is a fellow photographer, and I met and worked with her while photographing another wedding. So I was so excited and honored when she asked me to photograph her own wedding this summer!

Kori and William were so much fun, and were such good sports when I bossed them around during the session. T… Read more

The Taylor Family {knoxville family photography}

I had such a great afternoon with this family! The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and baby Benjamin was all smiles for pretty much the whole session. From the get-go the little guy was smiling at me, all the way to the end (granted, sometimes it did take a little work on my and his parent's p… Read more

The Bickford Family {knoxville tn family photography}

We really lucked out with the weather for the Bickford's family session. The day of the session it was a teeth-chattering 28 degrees outside, but thank goodness it warmed up throughout the day and was much more tolerable by that afternoon!

My favorite part of this session was wondering into a f… Read more

The Reed Family {knoxville tn family photography}

These guys were such troopers! It was a breathtakingly beautiful morning this day with gorgeous clear skies and the leaves on the trees were so vibrant. The only downfall? It was a staggering 28 degrees when we did this session! (that is incredibly unusual for early November here in Tennessee!) But… Read more

The Clinton Family {knoxville tn family photography}

One of the things I love most about being a photographer is watching my littlest clients grow. I photographed little Claire when she was a newborn, then again at 6 months, and now she's a year old. It's been so amazing to watch her grow, and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to capt… Read more

The Passano Family {downtown knoxville family photography}

I love just urban sessions, especially ones in Downtown Knoxville! It is always so fun to go walking around and finding neat architecture and old buildings and signs to include as part of the photos. You'll never know what - or who - you'll find!

The baby's name is Oliver, so of course … Read more

The Thompson Family {Knoxville, TN Family Photography}

I couldn't have asked for a better family, location, or weather for this session! It was a beautiful - although chilly - morning, and the early sunlight streaming through the canopy of autumn leaves was just breathtaking!

And the Thompsons were a blast! Despite the really chilly morning, the… Read more

The Bannister Family {Norris, TN Fall Photo Session}

It was so great to see this family again! They are just so much fun and I find myself grinning and laughing the whole session. From hanging upside down and tickle fights, to throwing leaves and zombie faces, they are a real fun-loving family - and I love it!

We lucked out and had absolutely gorgeou… Read more

The Norwood Family {knoxville family + children photography}

I could not have asked for a more fun family! These kids were such troopers through the session, and were constantly making me laugh! Chasing each other, exploring the creek, climbing statues, throwing leaves - they did it all, haha! I loved getting some shots of them being themselves and letting t… Read more

Erin + Jared's Bonfire Party {powell TN wedding photography}

Erin + Jared decided to have a bonfire bachelor/bachelorette party - and it was amazing! They had the cutest little wine barrel banquette table - complete with marshmallow toasting supplies, a tub (literally!) of drinks, pigs-in-a-blanket, and more. Heck, they even had a real outhouse!

All the guest… Read more

The Parish Family {knoxville tn family photography}

I had a great time with this family! They were up for anything and everything to get some fun shots with their little girl. From tossing leaves in the air, to swinging her around - and tossing her in the air, to throwing strange fruit-type things into the stream (I honestly have no idea what those … Read more

The Mullis Family {knoxville tn family photography}

I just love this family! They were so excited to get their photos done, and I was so excited to do them!

We lucked out with the weather. Just the weekend before it was dreary and rainy - all weekend! - and this weekend was perfect weather and just gorgeousness all around. We really couldn't hav… Read more

The Marshall Family {knoxville tn family photography}

I had so much fun with this family! They were so relaxed and chill, even though this was their first time getting family photos done. I think they did a great job, don't you?

Their little man is so adorable! I LOVE that red hair! So cute. I also love how much he loves his giraffe. He takes such … Read more

Little Kason {knoxville TN newborn photography}

Meet Kason.

How adorable is this little guy? He has the cutest little hands and feet, and those cheeks just kill me! He was so great for the session - he slept like a rock for the first half, then woke up for awhile - which worked out great, because I was able to get some cute shots of his little f… Read more

The Moore Family {powell TN family photography}

I had a wonderful time with this family - they were so sweet and relaxed. I loved it! And ohmygosh, don't even get me STARTED on the little guy. He is such a little heartbreaker - with those big cheeks and eyes, he is so cute! His favorite activity during the session was definitely trying to ea… Read more

Connor's Train-and-sort-of-Airplane-Themed 3 Year Photo Session {powell children's photography}

You like the title of this post?

It was supposed to be a train conductor themed photo session... but Connor had other ideas. And I couldn't argue, because dang it - it was so cute! So a train-and-airplane-themed photo session it became.

And that's all right with me. :)

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Miss Evelyn's First Birthday {knoxville birthday + event photography}

I absolutely love photographing first birthday parties, and so I was very excited to do Evelyn's first birthday. The decorations were so sweet and cute - I adore it when things are handmade. It means they're made with love - and Evelyn's party had tons of it! From the pom-pom balls to t… Read more

The Ladd Family {knoxville family photography}

I had such a wonderful time photographing this family! The kiddos were just too adorable! The cutest moment was when they each put an arm on each others shoulder and just looked into each others eyes. It was like they were saying "I'll always be here for you" to each other. So stinkin… Read more

Arabella & Sierra : sisters {knoxville children's photography}

I love watching these girls grow! Every time I photograph them, they've grown and changed so much - especially little Sierra. The last time I saw her she was a tiny newborn. She's 6 months old now, and she looks exactly like her older sister, Arabella - with red hair and everything! I love … Read more

Kristin's Maternity Session {knoxville maternity + baby bump photography}

I had trouble getting to sleep the night before this session.

True story. You see, Kristin had asked to have her photography session in none-other-than the Smoky Mountains. And she found this amazing white dress. Oh, yeah, and she also wanted some shots of her in the water.

You guys. I was so, so, … Read more

The Splitter Family {knoxville family photography}

This family was so fun to photograph! With three very young kiddos, I won't lie and say the session wasn't a challenge, but their antics had me grinning and laughing (and sometimes shaking my head haha!) all throughout the session. One reason I truly love photographing children - even chall… Read more

The Perkins Family {knoxville family + toddler photography}

It was such a perfect day to photograph the Perkins family! There were quite a few other photographers out and about that evening taking photos, as well. We couldn't have asked for better weather - it's the middle of the Summer and it felt like a crisp Spring day!

Apparently the weather was… Read more

Connor's Summer Portraits {knoxville toddler photography}

My little guy is 2.5 already. Where did the time go?! In the hustle and bustle of everyday life - and of taking photos of other people's children - I sometimes forget to set aside some time to do some portraits of my own kiddo.

In the end, I'm always glad I did. Much like my clients must fe… Read more

The Gibson Family {knoxville family photography + toddler photography}

So much can change in a year! I did the Gibsons' photos about a year ago, and their little man has grown so much since then! He is walking and running around now, and is full of so much energy - I admit it made me a little bit jealous!

His nanny - who is like a member of the family - also came,… Read more

The Moehlen Family {knoxville family + toddler photography}

I just love this family! They are such wonderful friends and fantastic neighbors - who are moving, and I will be so sad when they actually move across town! - and I always have a blast with these guys.

I've done their little son's photos since he was a newborn, and it's so amazing how f… Read more

Logan's 2 Year Urban Photo Session {knoxville 2 year children's photography + family photography}

It had been a little over a year since I had photographed this little guy and his family, and he has grown so much! He's such a cute little blond-haired-and-blue-eyed toddler, and is always on the move. He definitely kept me on my toes!

I always love doing photography in urban areas, but I thin… Read more

Katie + Wesley: siblings {knoxville children's portrait + lifestyle photography}

Katie and Wesley were so much fun! They had me laughing and giggling during the session right along with them. :)

I always love when they bring little things that means alot to them at this stage in their life - stuffed animals and dinosaurs. It shows a little bit of who they are, and lets them unw… Read more

The Glasby Family {knoxville family + children photography}

The Glasby's were so fun, and how adorable are their little girls?! Ohmygosh they are so cute! I'm happy that I caught some absolutely precious moments between these two sisters. There's just something about a big sister loving on her baby sister that is so heartwarming!

This family is … Read more

The Bannister Family {knoxville + powell, tn family photographer}

I had such a blast with the Bannister family! We talked and chatted and laughed, and oh man - the boys are just so much fun! They are into all things boy, too. Rocks, dirt, contests, silly faces - even dandelion fights! (definitely an original to the Bannister Boys, and they had such a blast doing … Read more

The Clinton Family {knoxville + powell area family + children's photographer}

I was so excited to do the Clinton's summer photos - in part because I couldn't wait to see little Claire again! She was such a little tiny squishy newborn the last time I saw her about 4 months ago for her newborn photos. She's changed just a little bit since then, and I love seeing my… Read more

The Biesbroeck Family {knoxville family + children's photography}

I had such a wonderful time photography the Biesbroeck family the other weekend! It ended up being such a wonderful day, and the sunlight was just perfect. What made it even better was the girls, though - they were so much fun! Big sister was absolutely captivated by the water, and kept wanting to … Read more

The Camp's Pregnancy Announcement {knoxville pregnancy announcement photography}

I admit: I get ridiculously giddy whenever I get a pregnancy announcement photo session request! There's just something about new life and a first baby that makes me practically squeal in excitement.

And the Camps were no exception to my over-excitement!

It was a perfect Spring day to do the se… Read more

Chance's Cake Smash Session {knoxville one year cake smash photo session + family photography}

I was so excited for this session - but it seemed like we had everything against us!

From the start, we both arrived half an hour late to the session due to horrible traffic (at least we both arrived one after the other, though). Then poor Chance - who is normally all smiley and happy, was not quit… Read more

Savannah's Easter Photo Session {knoxville toddler + children photographer}

We were so lucky to do these photos on a beautiful sunny Spring evening - the first date we booked this session, it ended up being rainy and chilly. This day was absolutely perfect.

As was my model.

Savannah was so excited to get her "picture made" - although you almost wouldn't know… Read more

The Bashams Pregnancy Announcement {knoxville couples pregnancy announcement photography}

I was so excited when the Bashams contacted me about doing a pregnancy announcement session! They are such a cute and fun couple, and we had a fantastic time together. They live near this old barn with beautiful weathered wood (which their neighbor nicely allowed us to use), and a big open field. S… Read more

Sweet Jada {knoxville newborn baby photography}

Little Jada was the sleepiest newborn I've photographed to date. We lucked out and her session just so happened to fall on a day when she was super sleepy - which really worked in my favor! :)

Jada is absolutely precious. She has the sweetest little ears and smile - and she smiled several times… Read more

Little Sierra {knoxville newborn photography + family photography}

Just last month I had the pleasure of doing Katie's maternity photos - and then the little lady herself arrived!

The first thing I noticed was her red hair - just like her big sister. I could tell that her sister, Arabella, was so excited that she was finally here! (and maybe just a little exci… Read more

Elli's 18 Month Session {knoxville toddler photography + family photography}

I first met this wonderful family about 6 months ago when they asked me to do their children's portraits back in July.

Man oh man, how time flies - and how kids grow so fast! It's incredible to see how much these kids have grown in 6 months. Especially little Elli - who is not quite so litt… Read more

The Patel Family {knoxville family photography + children's photography}

True story: as you'll no doubt notice, this is a session from this past Autumn. As in, I'm only about 6 months late blogging about it.

In fact, I realized that out of the dozens of Fall sessions I did this past year, I've blogged about... get ready... NONE of them.


Anyways, I will… Read more

Christianson Twins Gender Reveal Party {knoxville event photography}

I just love gender reveal parties - especially when there's TWO babies involved!

Everyone was excited, and had to choose Team Girl, Team Boy, or Team Both, and sign a scoreboard when they entered. Nobody knew the gender (even the parents!). The secret was stored away inside two cute boxes, wait… Read more

Katie's Maternity Session - Baby Bump Photo Session {knoxville maternity photography}

I couldn't wait for this session! I did Katie's daughters' portraits this past summer and had a wonderful time working with the whole family (and how adorable is that Arabella?! I love that beautiful red hair!), and was so excited when Katie contacted me to photograph her beautiful baby… Read more

Sunday Snuggles {knoxville children's photography}

On Sunday my little guy and I spent some quality time.

Snuggling in bed.

Little snuggles are the best in the world. <3

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Snow Day {knoxville children photographer}

Yesterday it snowed.

All. Day. Long.

Snow like that is extremely unusual for Tennessee, and the whole city shut down.

Meanwhile, the little guy and I went out and played.

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The Christiansons {knoxville baby bump + family photography}

When the Christiansons first contacted me about doing a photography session, it was just a family session. A couple weeks before the date, however, they informed me that they were expecting - twins! And they had the funnest idea for a pregnancy announcement - which they would reveal on New Years Da… Read more
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