About Me

Hi there.

I'm Chelsea Magruder - graphic designer, photographer, wife, and mother to my amazing son. When I'm not busy chasing my little toddler around, you will find me pursuing my passion: art.

I've loved drawing and creating art ever since I could grasp a crayon (as my mother will gladly tell you), and once a computer was added to my family, the rest was history. I was hooked. It started with rough, pixely drawings in MS Paint when I was in elementary school, and grew from there.

By middle school I was designing, coding and running various websites by myself, and in high school I was able to sharpen my skills even more. It was finally in college that I was able to pursue a degree in what I'd always dreamed of - graphic design.

Since then I've found enjoyment by impacting others' lives with my design work. From website designs and company logos, to holiday cards and wedding invitations, nothing makes me happier than making your unique vision come to life.

I've been designing for awhile, but photography is much newer for me. I'd dabbled in it for some time and studied it in college as well, but it wasn't until my son made his entrance into the world that I truly developed a passion for it.

Apparently, children can do that to you.

Since then it's the unique moments in life that I strive to capture - it's the big milestones, but the little ones, too. It's your child's first birthday party, and playing in the park. It's sitting up by themselves at 6 months, and the giggles, yawns, and smiles. It's learning a new skill, and amazement at the rain. It's a new addition to your family, and a loving embrace. It's capturing these chapters in our lives that really make me smile. These are the moments that I want to remember forever - and I want you to have that chance, too.


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