Our Florida Family Vacation {part 1}

This Spring we all were lucky enough to be able to take a week long vacation in Florida. We managed to see quite a bit of my family and relatives, as well as squeeze in a bit of other fun here and there.

We were also there for Easter, where we had a big family gathering - just like the good ole' days, where the holidays were spent celebrating with lots of family and laughter, and big dinners with down-home southern cooking. Big family holidays are really the best, and we were blessed to be able to visit during one of them.

Connor "found" his nose on this trip. Lovely, huh?

Connor's first season of egg-hunting - and this one was #3! By this point he knew exactly what to do with all those colorful eggs.

We also hid some monster-sized eggs.

Of course, they didn't exactly fit in his basket too well...

"What just happened?!"

The loot.

Boys will be boys.

And grown men will be boys, too.

That was our Florida Easter, 2013.

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  1. Where to begin.... Connor, your talents are ever increasing. Your learned nose picking at Grams house. Did Uncle Ryan have a 'hand' in that? That’s memory making stuff!

    Big blue egg in small blue basket is a great series. Love the theory! LOL with the ending.

    Then there is the drooling good lollipop. YUM!!! Some things are just too deelish to keep in your mouth. Swallowing is NOT on the 'To Do List’.

    I was totally impressed with the 'token raisins' among the candies. Guess the bunny had a brief twinge of 'healthy'. That is NOT the same bunny that filled the baskets of my youth! I’m talking loads of green plastic grass, eggs and candy! Plus a chocolate bunny (devastatingly hollow) Those were the days.

    The family photo.... well, I can see that most everyone got the word to wear shades of blue. What's with Aunt Nese and Mima? They must be the accent people.
    And, please mention to your Uncle Greg that the Alfa (as in Little Rascals) sprig in pink is a nice touch. Connor, some day we talk about Uncle Greg and his fashion sense. He's the one that wears boots on his knee caps. (Yes, little nephew, that is true.) My advice to you is: Look to your Dad for trendy GQ stuff.
    All I can say in public is that I am mighty proud to be a member of this family! If I had to name this I think I would call it "Mom's A Wise Woman". Notice that she is conveniently NOT in photo. Bet she’s hiding behind that excellent photographer status!

    Love to all.

  2. Great photos, Chelsea. You are excellent!
    Hugs, Aunt Lois


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