Claire's Cake Smash {knoxville 1 year cake smash}

I was so excited for Claire's cake smash session - although unfortunately she didn't quite share my excitement. She was unsure of everything until she got a taste of icing, then she was all for it! This kiddo LOVED the icing, haha!

She was pretty upset when she was set down in front of the pink cake (which was super cute!), until she realized that the delicious icing that her parents had, um, been... coercing her with (haha!), was actually all over the cake. Then she was totally cool with sitting there, looking all cute and munching!

Talk about an adorable session and such a cute little model! I could photograph her all day and be happy (well, as long as I had some icing to help keep her smiling, that is!).

Happy First Birthday, Claire!

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