The Metelka Family {knoxville tn family photography}

This was my last session of 2014 (I know, I know I'm late posting this! I'm playing blog catchup right now), and this session was - incredibly - the 3rd time we scheduled this! Every time we scheduled this session, the weather ended up being horrible and rainy. It's just crazy because I've never EVER had to reschedule that many times before! So a huge kudos to the Metelka family for sticking with it and being flexible!

Thankfully the weather (3rd time's the charm, right?) ended up being lovely, if a little chilly (it was December, after all!). This family is just so fun - especially Aubrey. She was so excited to get her photo taken - and might have shown off just a little bit, haha! - and she just couldn't wait to be a big sister!

I'm currently editing baby's photos right now, and will be posting those within the next couple of weeks (unless I fall behind on blogging again - eek!).

A big thanks to the Metelka family for being so flexible with the rescheduling, and being so fun at the session! You guys rock. :)

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