Caitlin + Christian's Winter Engagement Session | East TN Photography

I met up with these two last month, and had such an amazing winter wonderland session with them! I was super thankful and overjoyed that the weather cooperated, and it was actually quite warm that day, and the forecasted rain held off until just as the session ended and we were walking towards our cars!

Winter sessions are some of my favorites because I LOVE the lack of green and color in nature! I find it always photographs beautifully, and really makes the subjects and colors pop! I kind of suspect that Caitlin knew this as well, because she picked the perfect outfit to wear to their engagement session - red. It adds so much warmth and color to the photos, and really stands out from the neutral backdrop.

Caitlin and Christian were a blast, and I had a wonderful time wandering around and joking with them! It was giggles and smiles the whole session, which sure made for a great and wonderful time!

Congrats on your engagement, Caitlin and Christian!

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