The Dodel Family {knoxville family photography}

When the Dodels contacted me about doing their family photos, I couldn't wait! I was even more excited when they suggested the Knoxville Botanical Gardens for their shoot - it turned out to be the perfect place to take photos. The lighting, trees, and scenic views couldn't have been better!

Absolutely gorgeous. There was this one tree that we spent the majority of the photoshoot under - it was amazing! The sunlight was streaming through and lighting up all the leaves with bright pops of color.

And that is why I love shooting outside of a studio. You just can't replicate mother nature.

Their little girl was absolutely darling - she had a blast playing with the leaves. She would grab a handful and wave them around and throw them in the air, and then bust out with a round of giggles.

 Another reason why this location was so fantastic was all the different areas for great photo opportunities. Like this awesome rock wall with beautiful mature trees behind it. Love.

What a beautiful family!

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