Pumpkin Patch {knoxville photography}

A couple weeks ago we went to the pumpkin patch with a group of other Moms and kiddos. It was Connor's first time, so of course I had to document it by taking a ridiculous amount of photos.

Apparently Connor loves pumpkins! He just sat on a haybale and checked out a pumpkin I handed him the whole time. Adorable.

The other kids we were there with were having a blast running around and checking out the hay and pretty flowers.

There was also a "corn box" for the kids to play in. Similar to a sandbox - but with corn kernels! The kiddos loved it.

And then we took a hayride to get our pumpkin. The pumpkins were scattered all around the ground underneath a pretty tree. Connor had a tough time picking out a pumpkin at first...

but after some searching, he found one!

He crawled over to it and used it to stand up and was "talking" to it (aka, babbling at it) and smiling and laughing. It was too cute!

Then it was time to head home with Connor's new pumpkin. I'd say his first time at the pumpkin patch was a success - can't wait to visit again next year.

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